Anime Los Angeles 9, Days 1-3 [2013]

Back for another Anime Los Angeles! Managed to check out a little bit of all three days, but to be honest, most of the con was spent hanging out with friends and just derping. Here are the few photos fit for public consumption!

As I did at PMX, I showed up ridiculously late on Day 1, but thankfully was able to get my badge! After wandering around a bit and running into a bunch of different friends, I finally made it to the Chocolate Covered Cosplay panel.

Was kind of just wandering around the dealers hall on Saturday when I saw this awesome Mari and just had to take her picture. I didn’t even realize it was the awesome ninjagal6 until afterwards!

Figures! I was surprised by the number of figure vendors here, to be honest. More than I expected.

DVD box sets at a not terrible price! If I hadn’t already gotten that AnoHana set I prolly would’ve picked it up.

These Nightcrawler and Mystique cosplayers were so awesome! But what happened to Nightcrawler’s X-Men logo? :3a

We beat the rush for noms, apparently. As we were getting ready to leave, I took a picture of this Mami from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika who was waiting with her friends to be seated.

My friends and I hit up the dance later in the evening. No, these are not me or my friends. ūüėõ

We also hit up karaoke! I don’t do karaoke myself, but it’s fun to hear some talented (and not so talented) singers take the stage. There are a few performances on my YouTube channel!

Cute! I think she may’ve been at ReactorCon?

SNTP invited me along to his shoot with Missyeru, so I snuck a few shots. ^^

We went for crepes and food afterwards. The crepe place was so small that we filled the entire place!

Not much in the way of loots, but I do have to say that the cloth bag is probably the nicest bag I’ve ever gotten at a con! The separate programming schedule was a nice touch, though you had to grab that yourself. All the ribbons and the button (“COSPLAYING as a Responsible Adult”) are courtesy of my friends, like last year. ‚ô•

Photoshoots will be forthcoming in separate posts. (EDIT: They’re here! Two shoots, one each of FFVII and Zatanna) Check out my YouTube channel for karaoke clips from Day 2 and see more photos on my Facebook linked below!

2013 01 04-06 Fri-Sun: Anime Los Angeles, Days 1-3

Full Coverage of Anime Los Angeles 2013:

Anime Los Angeles 9, Days 1-3
Final Fantasy VII Photoshoot
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