Celebrated a couple of friends’ birthdays in late December, and what better way to do it than at one of their favorite places surrounded by cutesome maids and butlers?

While Tomo Neko is my home for all things maid cafe, I was happy to check out my friends’ DOKI♥DOKI♥MAID♥CAFE, which had teamed up with Desu-Nation to hold their holiday event!

There were plenty of games, noms, and entertainment.

D’awwww, I love you too, gyoza! ♥

Head Maid Miss Lydia chats with goshujinsama.

Time for some kawaii jan-ken-pon!

Announcing the next segment of the session.

Video of this dance performance is on my YouTube channel!

The maids and butlers played some games for our entertainment. Here a couple of maids prepare to eat some Pocky, Lady and the Tramp style. xD; Video of this round of the Pocky game on my YouTube channel!

A couple of butlers play “Suck and Blow”. ^^;; Video is also on my YouTube channel!

Keeki! We celebrated the birthdays of a couple of friends!

Cake is served! Little did they know that folks would be wearing it soon after this photo was taken! xD;;

The evening winds down and it’s time to say good night.

Thanks so much to DOKI♥DOKI♥MAID♥CAFE and Desu-Nation for holding such a great event! Be sure to check out the four videos on my YouTube channel as well as the full album linked below to get an idea of the fun you missed!



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