Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique [Dec 2012]

The last con of 2012 was actually two cons! Robo Toy Fest and Brick Boutique, two free buy/sell/trade cons, were held at Pasadena Convention Center. While they were very small events, I felt like a kid again and had a lot of fun with some of my favorite people. ♥ It was a welcome end to a rather rough weekend.

I’m not sure if this Bumblebee Camaro was actually in any of the TransFormers movie(s) or not. The signage didn’t really say.

Haha, I see Ratchet all the time, but this is the first time I’ve seen Ravage!

We spent most of our time playing with LEGOs, lol. We even got to take our creations home after we were done!

This is Tsuyoshi Nonaka, mechanical designer of Super Sentai and Power Ranger toys!

Katie Leigh is the voice of Han Solo in LEGO Star Wars: Padawan Menace! … Don’t ask me which one she is, though. ^^;

Lots of cool custom models and parts available!

So many TransFormers. *_* My younger self would’ve had a field day!

Lots of Gundams available too!

So many LEGOs, so little monies. T_T

Not much in terms of loots, but everything was free! One of my friends was building a robot so I built a little pet for it! Took home some special pieces and a few business cards. One of them prints patterns (like brick or marble) on flat pieces and uniforms of LEGO people; the other does custom military kits and weapons!

See more pictures in the Facebook album linked below!

2012 12 16 Sun: Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique

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