Christmas in (Little) Tokyo [2012]

In mid-December, Little Tokyo was home to a couple of holiday gatherings! The first was Cherry-Jelly Productions‘ holiday party at Anime Jungle!

My friend Mari Aerony had this cute bear kigurumi on!

RisaLight opened up the party with some special video messages direct from Japan, then shared the stage with the US liaison from MaiDreamin. MaiDreamin announced that they are going to open up a maid cafe in Little Tokyo!

Afterwards, there was a cosplay fashion show. All the cosplays, from Cowboy Bebop‘s Faye Valentine to Tiger & Bunny‘s Tiger and Bunny, got a holiday twist! My lens wasn’t wide enough to get all the models, unfortunately.

Oddest Crossover of the Night goes to Deadpool and PSY, lol.

Brinni as Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann. She was really brave b/c it was really cold that night!

Ariel! ♥ Wish you could see her contacts; they were this gorgeous blue!

This Luna Lovegood cosplayer from Harry Potter forgot to take her glasses off, but I think she looks super-cute with them on!

I saw Nia Teppelin’s wig and outfit earlier in the evening and wanted to get a picture of her, but to my chagrin I lost her in the crowd. To my surprise, I saw her up on stage later and realized it was my friend Mynx Midnight! :O

I tracked her down after her performance but she’d already changed out of the outfit for her gig at 2nd Street Jazz down the street. :< She promised we'd take photos at some point, so I'm looking forward to it, since Nia is one of mai waifus! ♥

During the event, some of my friends did a photoshoot nearby and I managed to sneak a few shots! I try to stay out of the way of the professionals whenever I’m allowed the privilege of observing. Sometimes I can get some interesting shots, like this one. I like to think that Luffy from One Piece blasted a hole in some poor guy’s gut here, lol.

It’s my friend bunnycharms! ♥ Caught her while they were running down to 2nd Street Jazz after Mynx Midnight's earlier performance as Nia.

I missed the cosplay contest, but I did get some nice close-ups with some of them when they were milling about. See them in the album linked below!

Black Vash makes the ladies swoon!

The next day, Infotakus and Century Rose Cafe held a meet up at the Little Tokyo Galleria Market. The gathering was by the Christmas tree and people came and went since the arcade and cool little shops were all right there!

D’awwww. I believe the cosplay is Eiji Seiun, as there was a Danny Choo/Mirai Suenaga event earlier in the day at Kotobukiya.

There was a lot of hanging out and there was plenty of food and snacks available!

Stealing shots from one of KrisZ‘s photoshoots. ^^

I’ve been a member of Infotakus — a group of otaku friends — for a while, but I’d never actually gone to any of the events until this one. It was fun meeting some folks and seeing people I hadn’t seen in a while!

See the full albums on Facebook, linked below!

2012 12 14 Fri: OtaXmas 2012
2012 12 15 Sat: Infotakus and Century Rose Cafe!


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