ReactorCon 2012

Thanksgiving weekend Nerd Reactor held a mini-con at Frank & Son Collectible Show. The last time there was a mini-con there, it was a zoo, but they also had Stan Lee. This time — while it was still a pain to find parking, nothing seemed to run on schedule, and the promised Madoka cosplayers never materialized — it wasn’t nearly as packed and I was able to enjoy it.

This con had more of a comic con feel to it than an anime con feel, due mainly to awesome cosplays such as this Captain America/Steve Rogers!

Johnny Yong Bosch performs with his band Eyeshine. I took two videos, which you can see on my YouTube channel!

So awesome. And cute!

Some great DC villain and hero cosplayers!

This Scorpion came in third in the cosplay contest!


Rukia from Bleach. She was super-cute (bloodied face not-withstanding)!

Haha, Hipster Belle and Hipster Ariel!

Awesome Doctor Who group with a Tardis USO Girl.

Got a commission from Ale Garza! I always liked his work, and here is the sketch he did of Freefall, my favorite character from Gen13.

One of the judges of the cosplay contest with a Tribble.

I love how Lord Vader is getting trolled by the Trekker judge here! 🙂 Trek >>> Wars.

The Miles Morales version of Spider-Man.

Dr. Horrible and a Little Pony (Rainbow Dash)!

And, as usual, more photos in the album on Facebook linked below, and don’t forget about the two videos on my YouTube channel!

2012 11 24 Sat: ReactorCon


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