SAKURA BOMB 10 [Sep 2012]

The Twelve Posts of Christmas resumes this week with Post Nine! After hanging out with some friends earlier in the evening, I finally wound up at Tune in Tokyo‘s SAKURA BOMB 10: Back to School Anime Rock Party, which was held on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend!

While I totally missed Midnight Shinigami‘s performance, I did get to catch up with them and some other friends.

I also managed to see Jetpacks and Laser Guns, who put on a pretty good show!

For once, I like the blur, lol.

Mari Aerony taking a break. XD Since it was pretty late when I got there, she’d already closed up the box office. She let me in on the condition that I take photos for her, but I don’t think this is what she meant. 😉

While the band broke down their equipment…

… the cutesome DJs of Tune in Tokyo, including RisaLight, provided the music for the remainder of the evening.

Outside, my friends from Chocolate Covered Cosplay, GNB Cosplay and Ashi-chan, interviewed Jetpacks and Laser Guns.

Finally, I caught up with some very lovely school girls before calling it a night! 😉

See all the photos that I took at this event in the Facebook album linked below!

2012 09 01 Sat: SAKURA BOMB 10: Back to School Anime Rock Party

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