Miku Times Two [2012]

Eighth in The Twelve Posts of Christmas features two different takes on everyone’s favorite Vocaloid! (Well, not everyone’s; my favorite would prolly be Luka. 😛 )

At the “World Is Mine, Music Is Ours ~Anime Jungle Renewal Opening Party~”, I managed to meet a couple of awesome Hatsune Miku cosplayers, Artemis and Haley!

SykoeEnt and I were up near the stage for the cosplay contest, and during intermission he managed to cajole Artemis into posing for some pictures.

Since I was there and she was already posing, I decided to take a few as well. 😉

After the on-again, off-again flashmob dance of “World Is Mine”, I caught up with Haley for a few pictures.

Of course, as is always the case, everyone else wanted photos as well.

She did a bunch of poses, and I really appreciate that she took the time to look my way even when she got swarmed by all the other photogs! ♥

Haley was gracious enough to indulge all of us and we all miraculously managed to not get in each other’s way. ^^

Main lesson learned: watch out for those overhead and back lights. OTL

Some of these photos are prolly a bit over-‘shopped; maybe one day I’ll revisit them when I figure out what I’m doing.

I also really need to learn how to calibrate displays; looking at these on four different monitors yields four different results. Sorry for all the weird colors. -_-;

See all the photos from these two “photoshoots” on my Facebook and be sure to check out the videos on my YouTube channel!

2012 08 25 Sat: Miku Times Two


One Response to Miku Times Two [2012]

  1. George says:

    So cute

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