72nd Annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival [2012]

Whoa, The Twelve Posts of Christmas is already half over?! :O This sixth post recounts the day I spent at Little Tokyo’s 72nd Annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival back in mid-August 2012!

Last year I ran around and did a bunch of things, including an awesome photoshoot with my friend Aoi Mizuno in the middle of the closed street. This year I took it a bit easy, but I did get to peek in on a couple of other people’s shoots, including one that my friend Danielle from Chocolate Covered Cosplay did with my friend Megaman!

Ginger from C3 also did a shoot with Megaman, and of course I stuck around for that one, too! xD

James Irvine Japanese Garden at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center is a very popular place to shoot apparently! I think this place is usually closed to the public. Here the awesome Mizzi Mie is cosplaying as Yoko.

We were heading over to check out the Grand Parade and saw these two sweet/goth loli girls. They were very nice!

EDIT 2013 Sep 06: Can you believe they’re future friends Kazumi Cosplay and Franie?! :O

Food truck!

The Grand Parade! While I did catch part of it last year, this was the first time I saw the whole thing. It was 3 hours long! :O

So many beauty queens in this parade!

I totally missed the cosplay contest earlier in the day, but at least I got to see some cosplayers!

Moved around the corner to hang out with my friends from A2M, with the added benefit of smaller crowds.

Haha, Luffy from One Piece.

They re-opened the streets pretty quick, unlike last year, when I got the chance to shoot with Aoi Mizuno!

Didn’t get to check out the Tanabata Festival too much, as it was rapidly getting dark and I was getting hungry, lol. Here is a Doraemon kazari. For more on the history of the Tanabata Festival, check out last year’s post!

Lots more photos from this fun event on my Facebook, linked below!

2012 08 12 Sun: 72nd Annual Nisei Week

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