Sale #8: Light × Dark! [2012]

It’s National Cosplay Day (aka Halloween) here in the United States! Millions of children (and grown-ups!) take the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters, others indulge in scary movies featuring witches and vampires. The holiday’s themes of light and dark inform this week’s sale!

Many of these items are new, but there are a few that aren’t, so read the descriptions for full details.

Prices are always negotiable — you may be surprised at what I’ll accept! Offer low to get the best deal; offer high to make sure it’s yours.

From top to bottom, left to right:


Seras Victoria (Hellsing): Yamato $20 NISB
Alucard – Color Variant Limited Edition (Hellsing): Yamato $20 NISB


Taranda Rizerotte Tachibana (Karakuri Circus): MegaHouse $15 Displayed, no box
Sohou Reina – Cloneblade Ver. (Witchblade): GDH $40 NISB
Talking Pee-Wee Herman (Pee-Wee’s Playhouse): $30 NISB


Belldandy – Red Dress Ver. (Aa Megami-sama aka Oh My Goddess!): Takara $40 NISB
Akashiya Moka – Seifuku Ver. (Rosario + Vampire): SEGA $SOLD NISB
Yagami Light – Nendoroid (Death Note): Good Smile Company $40 NISB
Black ★ Rock Shooter – Anime Ver. (Black ★ Rock Shooter aka Black Rock Shooter): Good Smile Company $90 NISB (Broken twintail)
Batman & Harley Quinn (Batman: The Animated Series): Ron Lee $150 Displayed (No box, see below for more details)


Belldandy – Blue Dress Ver. (Aa Megami-sama aka Oh My Goddess!): Takara $40 NISB
Megurine Luka – Toeto ver. (Vocaloid): Good Smile Company $SOLD NISB
Megurine Luka – Nendoroid (Vocaloid): Good Smile Company $SOLD NISB


Segawa Onpu – The Devil Onpu-chan (Ojamajo Doremi aka Useless Witch Doremi): Organic $SOLD Displayed, box has damage
Fujiwara Hazuki (Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! aka Useless Witch Doremi Kaboom!): Organic $40 NISB
Harukaze Doremi (Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! aka Useless Witch Doremi Kaboom!): Organic $SOLD NISB
Blind box case (Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! aka Useless Witch Doremi Kaboom!): Medicos Entertainment $75 NISB (Full case of 10)
Shoutarou Kaneda (Akira): Alpha $80 NIB (Blister sealed)

Here are the items on the floor. From left to right, top to bottom:

ROW 1:

Card Game (Aa Megami-sama aka Oh My Goddess!): $20 Used (See details below)
Lisseth – Variant (Crimson): Palisades/Cliffhanger! $10 NISB
Alex (Crimson): Palisades/Cliffhanger! $10 NISB
Red Hood (Crimson): Palisades/Cliffhanger! $10 NISB
Joe (Crimson): Palisades/Cliffhanger! $10 NISB
Sophia (The Legend of Xanadu ): Atelier Sai $SOLD Displayed
Dodoria – Deformation Freeza Edition (Dragon Ball Z): Bandai $5 NIB (Bag not opened)

ROW 2:

Megazone 23 – Limited Edition DVD Box with Mousepad (): $20 NISB
Blue Gender – DVD Volume 1 (): $10 NISB
Blue Gender – DVD Volume 2 (): $10 NISB
Blue Gender – DVD Volume 3 (): $10 NISB

Here is a close-up of the Oh My Goddess! Card Game.

There is lovely full-color artwork on every single card!

Here are close-ups of the sculpture by Ron Lee. It’s limited to 500 Pieces and weighs a crapton due to the marble base, which is signed “Ron ©96”. It’s a bit dusty from being displayed and there are two defects. The first is on Batman’s cape as seen below:

Shot above used no flash. Shot below used flash.

The second defect is on the rooftop of the bank:

The sculpture is pewter underneath, so only the upper paint layer has been damaged in both cases.

Remember to check out my previous sales in addition to this week’s new items!

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, requests for additional photos, etc. And please be sure to read the info below. Thanks!


General information for all sales:

1. The complete sales listing will be put up on WordPress and announced on Twitter. If you’re on LiveJournal (I haven’t been, lol) there should be a page with my Tweets. The next day, anime figures/goods will be listed in My Figure Collection’s User Sales thread and on

2. Sales are generally first come, first served — Subscribe or Follow for best results! xD Your request time is determined by when the Comment/Direct Message/Private Message notification hits my Inbox. Exceptions are made for multiple items bought, higher offers, previous buyers, local pick-ups, and blog Followers ( ♥ ). People who waste my time will be blacklisted ( </3 ).

3. All prices are in US Dollars. Prices are negotiable. Cash accepted for local pick-up in Los Angeles only; PayPal accepted for all others. PayPal fees and shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. I ship worldwide via USPS and UPS.

4. All items sold as-is and all sales final. I answer all correspondence and own a camera — it's not my fault if you fail to do your own due diligence. 😉 Contact me by Comment or Direct/Private Message. E-mail is acceptable if you already have my address, but there are enough other ways to contact me that I will not be posting it.

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