Chocolate Covered Cosplay Celebrations [Jun 2012]

I still have my figure and goods sales going on, but it’s time for another trip into the past!

June was officially Chocolate Covered Cosplay (C3) Month! From Fanime through AX, pretty much every weekend was spent in some way or another with members of C3! 🙂

First up was C3 FOUNDERS DAYS. The girls of Chocolate Covered Cosplay did a tour of Los Angeles to gear up for their first anniversary and I was able to track them down in Little Tokyo!

GNB Cosplay caught me taking pictures. ^^

Ashi-chan was cooling herself down and it somehow led to an impromptu photoshoot with her Panty (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) dress version cosplay! xD The lighting in here was terribad, so there were only a few usable shots. :/

Peipei22 takes a breather between games!

C3 and Cosplayer Nation watch Danielle beat up some bad guys!

After the arcade, everyone headed to Oiwake for noms and cellphone-staring. Angel doesn’t have hers b/c she stared at it too much during the day and it was recharging. 😉

We closed out the night with music courtesy of Tune in Tokyo at 2nd Street Jazz! Here, Ashi-chan hangs out with Mynx Midnight of Midnight Shinigami!

The weekend after FOUNDERS DAYS, I got to hang out with Ashi-chan and GNB Cosplay at the closing party for Royal/T, which is featured in its own post!

Finally, right before AX, was Chocolate Covered Cosplay’s 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY BASH w/ TUNE IN TOKYO.

The C3 girls welcome their guests! As with all Important Events, I two-handed it. See the intro on my YouTube channel!

After Ashi-chan performed her one-woman show, I Wish My Life Was an RPG, Angel gave her a Rainbow Dash-inspired pair of headphones!

Angel and GNB Cosplay (as Scanty from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) take the everyone ready for the next part —

— cake! xD Video of the cake-cutting is also on my YouTube channel!

Tune in Tokyo played the tunes. I see them everywhere now!

Everyone worked off their sugar high by dancing and celebrating into the night! So privileged and proud to know the talented and inspiring ladies of C3!

Full set of photos from both FOUNDERS DAYS and 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY BASH is below, and two videos from the birthday bash are on my YouTube Channel!

2012 06 09 Sat/06 23 Sat: Chocolate Covered Cosplay Celebrations


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