FanimeCon 2012, Day 4 and Fairytale Boutique

Been so busy alternating blog posts with my many anime goods sales that I totally blanked and never posted about FanimeCon 2012, Day 4! DX

Even though the last day of any con is usually hectic and short, I did want to make a mention of it since I did blog about the First Three Days and all that happened.

Since Fanime is so far away and most people don’t want to miss a day of work, most of the folks I know took off early. :<

However, I finally managed to spend a few minutes with my friends Aoi Mizuno and shyot, then headed off to the Dealers Hall since some other friends were trying to find me. Snagged some last-minute deals and also ran into Tora-rin before going out and grabbing some Hoagie Steak Out (and eating it at McDonald’s, haha) before Dancing Queen and her Court took off.

Afterwards, I puttered around the convention center with Ragnablade and Soulfringe and got to hang out a bit with DJPreyX and Cosplay Kitten. In the evening, we finally got to catch up with the always busy Maridah and CosplayShots while grabbing some slices at Pizza My Heart before going back to the hotel and packing up.

It’s always sad when a con ends, but since summer is con season, we didn’t have to wait very long until the next con, which was AM² Con 2012! Since I only took a few pictures there, I was able to blog about it a while back, so follow the link in case you missed it the first time!

Speaking of AM² Con, that weekend was very busy! Not only did it include Father’s Day and the closing celebration for Royal/T, it saw my friend MugiBunny hold the grand opening of her very own lolita store, Fairytale Boutique, in Little Tokyo! 😀 So many endings and beginnings in this post!

Lots of cute outfits (and girlies ^^; ) present at the store! The store carries “new and 2nd hand lolita and Japan street fashion clothing, goods and accessories (such as Angelic Pretty, Baby The Star Shine Bright, Bodyline, Putumayo, SWIMMERS, Chocomint…etc). We also carry accessories from many reputable indies brands with in the community such as Dolldelight, Automatic Honey, Kawaii Goods, Sweetie Cakes, MugiBunny..etc.”

While I didn’t get to see dolldelight herself, I did get to see one of her cutesome models!

Best of luck to my friend MugiBunny! Be sure to stop on by and say “Hi” the next time you’re in the area!

Back on track! Don’t forget to check out the full albums on my Facebook for more photos from these events!

2012 05 28 Mon: FanimeCon 2012, Day 4
2012 06 17 Sun: Fairytale Boutique Grand Opening Event

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Panty Photoshoot
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