FanimeCon 2012, Day 3

Okay! While I do still have my previous Type-Moon (Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia and Melty Blood) and Akamatsu Ken (Love Hina and Negima!) sales going on, it’s been a while since I did any cosplay posts and I’m sure you’re all going through withdrawal!

Ah, meido #2…

Anyway, here are some pictures I took at FanimeCon 2012 (otherwise known as ConstructiCon, bwaha) on Day 3!

Crunchyroll’s SailorBee! Met her at the Swap Meet on Day 0; she’s quite nice!

I found myself wandering into a few gatherings, including the Puella Magi Madoka Magica and The Legend of Korra gatherings seen above as well as the gathering coming up below (I don’t know the name of the series, feel free to let me know in a comment).

After the excitement of photoshoots with Ashi-chan and Chocolate Covered Cosplay on Day 2, Day 3 was relatively tame!

Cutesome Touhou Project cosplayer.

I also got to check out a figure collecting panel with Dancing Queen and The Queen’s Court. Since DQ is the owner of How a Girl Figures, the host of AX Live‘s “Figure Fix”, and now an actual Good Smile Company employee, I thoroughly enjoyed her thoughts on the panel. 😉

The fountain area is no longer a fountain and there was all sorts of construction going on, so this little courtyard area was photoshoot central!

These are arguably the best characters from G.I. Joe!

Here’s the gathering I was talking about. I don’t know what series this is, but these cosplayers sure were cute!

I thought these gangster verions of the Kagamine twins were pretty awesome! Too bad I took this picture with the sun at their backs. 😦

Black Widow was in the middle of a shoot and I didn’t want to bother them, so I snuck this shot! ^^;

I love cons! Where else can you see Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist take on Batman‘s Harley Quinn? Characters from different series always cross paths and cosplayers are always willing to have a bit of fun with each other!

I love these outfits! I need to watch Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) so I know who the characters are.

Here’s a Sailor Moon group. They were pretty awesome!

I think this is Batgirl (as opposed to Batwoman or gender-bent Batman), but I’m not really a DC person. Make Mine Marvel! xD

Here is Rikku from Final Fantasy. I’m not really a gamer, either. ^^;

After a day of taking photos, I grabbed dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with a few friends before hitting up a couple of room parties/passing out Jell-O shots in an elevator before closing out the last full day of con.

See more photos from Day 3 of Fanime below!

2012 05 26 Sun: FanimeCon 2012, Day 3

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