Panty Photoshoot [2012]

Haven’t done an actual photoshoot in ages, and got to do two at FanimeCon 2012! ^_^b

I ran into my friend Ashi-chan on Day 2 and she wanted some pictures of her cosplay of Panty (Angel version) from Gainax’s Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, so we went to Plaza De Cesar Chavez across the street.

I’ve known Ash for a while now, but this was the first time I’d ever shot with her and it was great fun!

I haven’t seen the series yet, so I only know the character is supposed to be quite sexy. ^^;

Unfortunately, I was not tall enough to really pull off this shot, hence the slightly awkward angle. I still had to edit out my feet. OTL

It’s too bad my skill level didn’t allow me capture them all of Ash’s poses to a satisfactory degree. D: As a model and actress, she was able to come up with tons of ideas!

Ashi-chan’s made some modifications to this cosplay since the last time I saw it at PMX 2011!

Been slowly learning some more editing so hopefully these shots look good and the results aren’t too distracting. ^^;

Mainly it was digitally cleaning up all the litter and whatnot in the backgrounds; not too skilled with other kinds of editing yet!

I’m not sure if I would be excited or scared to see this for reals. 😉

We did this a few times, so I’m glad it worked out! ^^;

Yes, the dedication plaque on the ground was edited out in some of these shots; can you tell? xD;

Hopefully the plaque isn’t too distracting in these shots.

Some of my favorite shots are the ones that involve poses that seem unposed.

Ashi-chan is a pro! She came up with all poses and I just took the pictures. Although, sometimes I snuck shots when she wasn’t looking. xD;;

I love Ashi-chan, and it was great fun shooting with her! She has great ideas and knows what she wants.

Panty suggests that you Like Ashi-chan’s Page!

Second Fanime photoshoot coming up next week!

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2012 05 26 Sat: Panty Photoshoot

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Panty Photoshoot
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