FanimeCon 2012, Day 2

Day 2 of ConstructiCon! While I did have a couple of things I wanted to check out, there was no real plan of attack. Grabbed lunch with some old friends before exploring the Dealers Hall and Artists Alley.

People congregating in the portion of the courtyard that’s not under construction. :/ Bonus points if you can find Vensy. xD

Love this Kim Possible cosplayer! She was so sweet and so stunning! Please let me know if you know who she is!

EDIT: It’s Angelique Alene! I love you, teh intarwebs. TAT

So cute! I don’t know all the different Lolita styles, but I think these are Sweet Lolita?

MOAR ARIEL! ♥ She was so well represented at Fanime; I should prolly also call it ArielCon! xDDD

This was an awesome old school Batman villains group!

From Gurren Lagann, Simon and Nia cosplayers. I just (finally) started watching it recently and I have to say, I love Nia!

Okay, I heard that SacAnime is not so great, but I would totally drive up there for Maid #2! >/////< Wonder who she is?

I thought it was Marvel Vs. Capcom? What’s Poison Ivy doing here? lol. Yaya Han is cosplaying Chun-Li, but I’m afraid I don’t know who her friend is. :3a

Saw so many pretty girlies this day. This girl makes me want to watch Dr. Who. Wouldn’t mind knowing Who she is, either. xD;;

FanimeCon this year also held Clockwork Alchemy, a steampunk convention, the same weekend. One badge got you admission to both! Some of my friends went to check it out, but I totally missed them and their costumes. :<

Dancing Queen from How a Girl Figures as Sen Yarizui from Ben-To!

Another Ariel! ♥ No, she’s not holding the guide upside-down; they printed the FanimeCon schedule on one side and the Clockwork Alchemy schedule on the other! :p

Vampy’s Litchi Faye-Ling from BlazBlue cosplay! Not only is she gorgeous, she’s really cool also! Glad to run into her again.

I was with Dancing Queen and a few others trying to hook up with Vensy, but then my friend Ashi-chan pulled me over. I wound up doing a photoshoot with her and Chocolate Covered Cosplay — photos coming soon!

EDIT: Here are Ashi-chan‘s and Chocolate Covered Cosplay‘s photoshoots!

More photos from Day 2 of Fanime below!

2012 05 26 Sat: FanimeCon 2012, Day 2

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2 Responses to FanimeCon 2012, Day 2

  1. That Kim is meeee! You’re just the sweetest, and the photo is amazing, thank you.

    • agcpictures says:

      NO WAI! Really?? O_O *stalks your Tumblr* It is you!

      Thank you so much for the pictures (there’s another one in the Facebook album linked at the bottom of the post)! Hope to see you again soon! ^_^

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