FanimeCon 2012, Days 0-1

FanimeCon 2011 was my first regular blogpost, can you believe it? Has it been a year already?? Haha, of course not; I posted about Fanime three months after the fact. xD;; This year, I’m only about a month late!

So much happened at con that I’m going to split my con report into four parts! Mainly b/c I need more time to go through my Anime Expo photos, haha. Let’s start with Day 0!

One of the things that makes FanimeCon winsauce? This right here. I hardly buy anything in dealers halls anymore; swap meet is where my monies go! Too bad the guy running this booth didn’t get the point of the swap meet, which is “cool stuff for cheap”! So many expensive things at this booth! :/

He was very surprised I recognized his cosplay, but to be honest, I’ve never watched Lupin III. xD;

My friend Ragnablade and I drove up Thursday afternoon to find some differences from last year. One is that they changed the parking rules at the convention center (and that the lots were already completely full DX ). Also, due to the power outage at the convention center, the swap meet was kind of packed! Still, I managed to snag some goodies at some great prices!

There were so many people already in cosplay, it was awesome! Plus there were characters I hadn’t seen cosplayed before, such as this Nagato Warui Mahou ver! ♥ Wish I’d asked her to put on her hat; her friend was carrying it for her. After checking out the swap meet, it was time to hit the hay and rest up for con!

Most of my Day 1 was spent waiting in line to get my badge. >< Due to the power outage the day before, I think most people also waited until Day 1. But it was kind of okay because I finally saw my first Noriko cosplayer!!! ♥ If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Gunbuster is probably my favorite anime series of all time!

I also got to see this cute family of cosplayers while waiting in line. It’s really great when the whole family gets excited about con!

This was such a cool cosplay! No idea what it’s from, tho. :/

Finally, I got my badge and after some lunch at the awesome Pizza My Heart it was time to go exploring! Here’s another cosplay I’d never seen before: Ursula. She was really good! And, of course, it was good to see my #1 waifu, Ariel! ♥ I love their expressions here. There was so much love for Ariel at Fanime this year, I was besides myself!

Saw this group of Lucky Star girls and I had to take a picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen all four of them at once!

I saw Azunyan earlier and this time she was with her K-ON! friends, so I had to get a picture of all three of them! I really don’t understand the mustaches, tho. :3a

Artists Alley is always filled with amazing undiscovered talent. This guy’s stuff was amazing! DAT EVA. :O

This statue in the Art Auction area was so badass! Understandably, it wasn’t for sale. I’m sure it would’ve been crazy expensive!

Back in the swap meet, I ran into a cute gothloli girl. ^^; The lines to get into the swap meet (yes, there were lines this evening!) were insane. I managed to get a couple of good deals, though, and picked up some figures I’d reserved from a friend on!

I love Cloud’s bored expression. I took a few pictures of these cosplayers, so I know the expression was on purpose. xD

After the swap meet, I checked out the “An Intro to Memes 2.0” panel. There’s a quick little video snippet on my YouTube! Finally, we finished the night off at the Dojo, where they had some pretty impressive demonstrations of mock combat.

Check out the complete set of photos below; for video, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel!

2012 05 24-25 Thu-Fri: FanimeCon 2012, Days 0-1

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  1. Catarina says:

    heard of something like this for the first time. thanks for sharing it.

  2. Bianca says:

    i like it…keep up.

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