AM² Con 2012

I’d wanted to check out the Anime, Manga, and Music Convention (AM² Con for short) last year, but since it ran against AX and since I failed at getting up early, I couldn’t xD; This year, I managed to get down there, but since I still fail at getting up early and since traffic was terribad, I got there a little after 6pm — after the Dealers Hall had already closed. :/ One of these days, I’ll get it right! I hope.

Anyway, since I was so late, I didn’t really get to take all that many photos. Here is the requisite shot of the marquee. AM² Con takes place at Anime Expo’s old stomping grounds at the Anaheim Convention Center. It’s free to get in and you only pay if you want priority seating at panels and such, or if you want to check out the Main Events.

My friend introduced me to this Kasumi cosplayer and I promptly forgot her name. OTL

I totally missed seeing my friends from Midnight Shinigami perform. :< (This is not them.) It was very strange of the con to put the Summer Festival Stage (where the bands played) right behind Artists Alley. I could barely talk to people and I'm sure the poor artists must've had some terribad headaches by the end of the day!

I also missed the Dealers Hall. Dx

Yes, the Exhibit Hall and Artists Alley and the Summer Festival Stage were all in the same room.

There were, however, lots of wide aisles to take photos of cosplayers in without stopping traffic! 😀

There were lots of little con-sponsored games. They’re part of the convention’s “Summer Festival”.

You can try for prizes in their Goldfish Scooping game. I didn’t, though, as I wanted to check out some of the other things that were still going on.

I missed this candy maker sculptor person also. Apparently he’s pretty awesome. *sigh*

Artists Alley was pretty cool, though!

Tons of talented artists here. I spent most of the hour at-con catching up with a couple of different artist friends.

At least I didn’t miss my friend Aoi Mizuno in her new(ish) Time-skip Perona (she debuted it at Fanime)! Yay!

When the hall closed, we all went to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Disney’s Grand Californian nearby. Afterwards, I popped back in to the convention center for a quick sec and ran into another friend. We wound up hanging out into the wee hours. Check out an impromptu midnight musical performance we saw outside the ACC on my YouTube Channel!

AM² seemed like a pretty cool con, especially since it was free. It was good to see a bunch of folks that I missed at Fanime, especially since I expect Anime Expo to be pretty hectic. Hopefully I’ll catch more of AM² next time!

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2012 06 16 Sat: AM² Con 2012, Day 2


2 Responses to AM² Con 2012

  1. Julie says:

    Lol Luckily if you do a google search that Kasumi photo would show up. (btw…I’m that Kasumi cosplayer XD)

    • agcpictures says:

      Oh, wow, hi! XD That really is lucky, haha. Thanks for letting me take your picture! I think I saw you at AX, also. Hope to see you again soon! Look me up on Facebook if you feel like it. 🙂

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