SAKURA BOMB 8 [May 2012]

Never went to a Tune in Tokyo event before, but since my friends from Midnight Shinigami were performing, I went to check it out! My friend Ashi-chan also showed up, so it made a great night even better! ♥

Of all the times I’ve been to Little Tokyo, I never even realized this place existed, lol. 2nd Street Jazz is a pretty cool place, but the shooting conditions were challenging. Did a fair bit of post to try to make up for it, but since I’m a Photoshop n00b, I could only do so much. Gomen!

Psycho Bando performs. Since I was late, I missed the first act, Sloppy Jane.

Midnight Shinigami gets ready to perform!

I like to think that Mynx Midnight was singing to me. 😉

Brathzo rocking out! The back wall is green b/c he was all reddish in the original shot and I was trying to fix it. Yes, this is less red! D:

Here is the first part of their performance. I split it up before uploading it, so you’ll have to click through to see the second part!

Cats on Mars performs. Even though I think most of their compositions were original and in English, they were pretty good!

Kari and Ashi-chan! Everything was hideously pink from the lighting, so I did the best I could. orz

DJ TORA spins some tunes between performances. I played around some with the settings on my camera but kept getting distracted. DJ TORA sure is cute! ^^;

Two of my favorite performers met for the first time under one roof. Surprised the place didn’t go asplodey from all the awesome! Lighting was still terribad, so even though everything in the back is green at least my girls are kind of a normal color. xD;

It was great seeing my friends and watching them perform! Hopefully there will be another event soon!

Full set of photos below; video of Midnight Shinigami’s performance on my YouTube Channel!

2012 05 04 Fri: Tune in Tokyo presents SAKURA BOMB 8

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