Loots Backlog [Apr 2012]

Apologies for the delay in this week’s post, I know you all wait with bated breath. 😉 Been crazy busy the last week with maid café and other stuff that I haven’t gotten a chance to go through all the pictures I’ve taken recently. So here is a quick post of some of my favorite loots over the past year or so.

This is a pretty old picture of loots received during December of 2010. Since Thanksgiving is at the end of November, many of these items came in from Black Friday sales. There are loots from Toyslogic, Hobbyfan, Yahoo!Japan Auctions, and fellow MyFigureCollection.net (MFC, aka Tsuki-Board) members here!

Here is an e2046 Gathering version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)’s Yuki Nagato with a guitar and Kyon’s cat Shamisen. Gathering is basically a series of pre-painted and assembled recast garage kits. I’d wanted this figure for quite a while, and managed to get her off a fellow figure.fm/MFC member. Too bad almost all the keys are broken off the guitar. TT__TT

I went pretty crazy with the Yahoo!Japan Auctions (Y!JA) for a while, and got busy trying to collect figures that either came out before I started collecting or never really made their way stateside for whatever reason. I love Mai-HiME (My-Hime), Mahoromatic, Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Marshmallow), and Midori no Hibi (Midori Days), so I bid like crazy! (That Misora Lucy Maria from To Heart 2 made it into my collection just because I thought she was cute, lol.)

Yeah, I bid super crazy. xD;; That Midori is actually slightly different than the one in the previous picture. This one was an exclusive release and has a different tie! I also still have not seen any of the Fate series, but I love Rider’s character design. I actually wound up selling this Maid Hallucination version of her, though; the offer was too good to pass up! I’ll have to track her down again at some point. The Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion was one I hadn’t seen before and wasn’t even in the MFC database. While they make tons of Rei and Asuka figures, I can never really seem to find decent ones of Misato, who is waifu #1 from the TV series.

Ah, this one was a trade with my friend hiro4 on MFC. If you wonder where my R.O.D figures went, you’ll have to ask him. 😉 At this point I still wasn’t calling myself a Nendo collector, though I think it may’ve been obvious to everyone else. ^^; Shizuru Fujino in any form is awesome, so I had to get this hard-to-find Shizuru Viola blind-box trading figure from Mai-Otome (My-Otome), and I also love love LOVE Gunbuster and was sad I never got the exclusive DVDs and whatnot from dot-anime.us before they closed. TAT

More Y!JA damage and some figures from a figure.fm user who was selling on eBay. I love Noizi Ito, which is really the only reason I got the Peace@Pieces figures here and in the first picture. I also love large-scale figures, which is why I’d wanted that 1/5 Majikina Mina from Samurai Spirits. I don’t know anything about the character, though. Is she some kind of little person? ’Cause that’s a really small 1/5. *facepalm* I also finally got the complete set of Mahoro phone straps and another Midori (with a different face)! At least I know the 1/1 Midoris are supposed to be that small. :p

Wait, I’m only in April of 2011? lol I picked these up during one of Maridah’s visits to the area. We ran around to a Book Off, where my friend Dancing Queen saw the Noizi Ito/Shakugan no Shana artbook, and Marukai, where I got a box of my favorite snacks. :9 The next day I checked out the Cherry Blossom Festival where a vendor was blowing out his items for half off. When I asked to check the price on the Death Note manga box set (it was marked at $80), the vendor realized it was just manga and not DVDs. He sold the 14-volume set to me for $10. xD

May 2011 held a sad day for English-language manga readers in the USA as Tokyopop finally closed its US division. The closing sale started on a Saturday morning at 9am, and I got there a little after 10am. This, of course, meant I was in the last group of people allowed up. :/ Ah, well. I was able to get some complete sets of manga that looked interesting (including the great Dramacon and the not-so-captivating President Dad), some 24 graphic novels (I LOVE 24!), some awesome poster frames, and a bunch of free stickers! Luckily one of my friends was also there, since I couldn’t lug all this stuff down to my car by myself! ♥

Some loots came in from Y!JA after I got back from FanimeCon 2011. Even though there were relatively few items, the damage was still pretty painful due to the final Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou (The Extravaganza of Haruhi Suzumiya) figure I needed to complete the set and the limited Midori figure. I’d also finished Toradora! by this point, and it’s one of my all-time favorites now. Not sure why I went with all timepieces this time; maybe it was subliminal, lol. The Haruhiko Mikimoto book Movement was a steal at 600yen! Robotech (based, of course, on Macross) was my gateway anime and he also designed the characters for Gunbuster, so of course I had to get it.

More Toradora! and Gunbuster stuff from Y!JA (that’s a lot of exclamation points, lol; even more if I go with the Japanese title of Toppu wo nerae! for Gunbuster ^^ ). Couldn’t decide which listing for the Gunbuster storyboard books was better, so I decided to get both. xD;; Doubled up on the Puchi Nendos just b/c they were on the cheap side and from the same seller so shipping (at least domestically) was cheaper by combining them. I also went ahead and got the Gunbuster LaserDisc (anyone else know what those even are?) box set even though I don’t have a player, and finally tracked down Gunbuster’s Noriko Takaya by Kotobukiya (one of my highest want figures). I could’ve gotten her years ago locally for around $50 but at the time I thought that was a lot to pay for a figure. :/ I also found an exclusive Aisaka Taiga Nendo Petit, which was being sold with a Toradora! clock. A Mahoromatic CD/DVD set (which hopefully isn’t a bootleg) and another Mai-HiME Shizuru figure (the others from the set were incidental, ha ha) rounded out the shipment.

Toward the end of the summer I found out about an anime swap meet on Facebook. It was kind of a bust and a rather long hike, but to make it worth the trip I bought the two pencil boards/shitajiki and a fan. I do like Lucky Star (Kagamin is another one of mai waifus, lol) and I love K-ON! I also couldn’t pass up more Noizi Ito art. Not bad for $3!

I’d started slowing my Y!JA purchases by this point, I think, since I’d finally started calculating how much they were actually costing me. DX But, I finally found a sealed Ichigo Mashimaro PlayStation 2 game with the exclusive figure, and it came with the poster and book, too! I think it may’ve even wound up being cheaper than the PS2 figure alone in the second photo. And no, I don’t have a console system. :I I’d also been eyeing the Toradora! Beach Queens series but really wanted the Dengeki Daioh exclusive versions. I’d given up on finding a complete set, so I thought I’d buy them individually, and this Taiga was the first to come in.

I don’t generally buy ecchi figures (or figures from Orchid Seed), but after I saw the Super Sonico my friend ddh4mster had ordered for a friend of his I knew I needed to get her! Of course, she was sold out everywhere and I would have preferred the red one, but beggars can’t be choosers. I got her off of figure.fm for a decent price. She’s gorgeous! My little cousin recently came over and saw her, though. She noted that Sonico didn’t have a shirt and asked me if that was gross. ^^;;

This was prolly my last Y!JA shipment. I managed to get a set of Toradora! Beach Queens, but only Taiga and Minori were the exclusive versions. I figured the price was cheap enough I could resell the regular version of Ami. Look for her soon. ^^; Finally, I was able to get a complete set but the listing said they may have been used. I can’t remember if they actually were, but I think I was just going to mix and match if they were, lol. I’d also been looking for the Natsuki Kruger figure to pair up with my Shizuru Viola. The Nina Wang was extra, since I can’t actually stand most of the Mai-Otome characters. :p The listing said they were new, but they weren’t. Unfortunately, by the time items make it overseas from Japan the time period for complaining is pretty much over.

More recently, I got this “Looks Like Rain” Walt Disney Classics Collection figure from an eBay seller in Canada. Most WDCC figures are very expensive, as they’re made from porcelain and come from Disney. :p But even with international shipping, the price was reasonable and the figure is larger than I’d expected. Donald Duck is my favorite of the Fab Five and this piece inspired by Fantasia 2000 also includes Daisy and some non-anthropomorphized ducks and mice. xD I’ve always enjoyed the “Pomp and Circumstance Marches” and the segment of the film that featured them was prolly my favorite as well.

This artist’s proof acrylic statue is the newest addition to my The Little Mermaid collection, and quite possibly the rarest and most expensive! Entitled “Worlds Apart” and sculpted by Lars Loma, it features Prince Eric above-ground looking at Ariel under the sea. I’d never seen one of these before and information is scanty, but I believe it originally retailed for $2500! :O Of course, I don’t think I could ever spend that much on something that didn’t have wheels or a roof, so I paid much, much less. It’s gorgeous, though, and quite large. It was taller than my lightbox, hence the weird angle I had to use!

I do spend my money on other things and even though I don’t have much time to read, I can’t pass up a good deal. These books cost about $16 shipped! A schoolteacher friend of mine recommended Laurence Yep, a Newberry Award-winning writer who writes stories with Asian-American characters and themes, so I thought I’d give him a try. I have a few of his other books so I will need to find some time to read them. I already have the first Haruhi book, and I’m hoping the place I got these from will have the others so I can continue the series, since I don’t really like reading things out of order.

This Black Gothic Lolita version of Ikki Tousen‘s Kan’u Unchou by Uart is the most recent figure purchase I made. Even though I’ve never watched the show or read the manga, I’d been looking for her for a while. She popped up on figure.fm a few weeks back as part of a set, but it was only just recently that the seller decided to sell them individually so I jumped! She’s great and I love the colors. If I have time, I might put together a review since I haven’t done one of those in a while. ^^;

This isn’t everything I got over the past year, obviously. There were loots from Fanime, AX, D23, and whatnot along with Christmas gifts and other stuff. Expect to see some of the duplicates up for sale soon! And yeah, this wound up not being a very quick post. xD;;


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