Japan. Endless Discovery. [Mar 2012]

The Japanese Consulate held an appreciation event called Japan. Endless Discovery. at The Grove LA, to express their gratitude for the outpouring of support in response to last year’s earthquake and tsunami. It was free and for all ages, so a few friends and I made our way over to check it out!

There were many booths–from pop culture and technology to food and tourism–set up! Too bad they were all closing up by the time we got there. :/

We did, however, get to take in part of the Japanese Street Fashion Show. There were allegedly Lolita, Mori Girl, Fairy Kei, Visual Kei, Gyaru, and Wa-Lolita styles but I think we only actually caught the Sanrio fashions part. ^^;

… and of course, this model and the previous one seemed to be wearing the same shirt, so… yeah. LOL.

Bubble Punch produced this fashion and pop culture showcase, with Tune in Tokyo providing the music.

Hello Kitty was the final model of the show!

The models retook the stage afterwards, so we were able to at least get a glimpse of all the other fashions that we’d missed. Not that I can really tell the difference. xD;

Walking around, I saw the fountain nearby come to life! I’ve been to The Grove a few times, but I don’t think I’d ever seen this water show before.

There were a few cosplayers hanging around, but I only managed to get pictures of these two. Most of the time was spent running into friends!

There was a short Kokura Gion Daiko taiko drum performance on the main stage. It was quite good, but very bad for drunken conversations in the nearby sake tasting area. ^^;

After screening a short biographical video, Yoshiki of X Japan took the stage to much applause. He had a few remarks and did a brief Q & A session. I noticed that he sure played with his hair a lot! xD

Afterwards, we headed back to Farmers Market, where we got some noms! It was a pleasant way to spend the evening, to be sure!

See more pictures on my Facebook!

2012 03 10 Sat: “Japan. Endless Discovery.”

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