Neon Genesis Evangelion / K-ON! / Dr. Who Photoshoots [2012]

ALA8 was The Con of Photog Bombs, lol.

Besides the photographer who actually wound up being in my Misato × Vash photos poolside, I managed to participate in other people’s shoots as well — though nowhere near as intrusively. XP

So, even though I did take a bunch of the Dr. Who stuff independently, I hesitate to call these three events photoshoots since I was basically just taking pictures while the shoot was under someone else’s control. Then again, I don’t really call the shots at my private shoots either, so maybe the distinction doesn’t matter. ^^;

The first of the three shoots was on Saturday with Radiio Kittee as Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion! I guess it was technically what’s known as Golden Hour (last hour of natural light), but the artificial lighting outside was pretty terribad. The main shooter on this one was her boyfriend Nos Ferous.

I met RK and Nos at Anime Expo 2011 and we kept in touch on Facebook. So good to meet up again and spend some time together! RK and Nos had never been to Anime LA before and didn’t know what to expect. They decided to make it a chill day, so she didn’t bring her wig this time.

RK said she wasn’t used to posing for photos, but I think she did a good job of making the character her own! Besides being the responsible adult most of the time, Misato also had her fun and goofy (drunk) side. 😀

The second shoot was in the latter part of Sunday, with Aoi Mizuno as K-ON!‘s Yui Hirasawa! I was so sad I didn’t get to hang out with Aoi all con until I wandered out onto the pool deck and there she was in the middle of an epic shoot! Including me, there were 8 photographers there! :O The lead shooter this time was kimihirokun.

Aoi took the time to look in each camera’s direction, even mine! It made me feel special, and like I actually belonged there! ♥ I understand that all the other guys who were there are pretty much the top cosplay photographers working in the scene today. Every one of them is super-talented and I’m honored and privileged that they let this newb hack join in on the fun. ^^;

Yui is one of my K-ON! waifus, but I didn’t know there was a “Let’s Go!” version until Aoi told me about it!

Aoi had mentioned she’d gotten a new guitar for Yui, so I was glad I got to see it. It looks great! Aoi always does a great job making her costumes and embodying the characters she cosplays. Even with so many shooters, Aoi took it all in stride. She is the consummate pro!

The third and final shoot was later Sunday evening with Star Cat as the Eleventh Doctor and Rhyiel Adriel as River Song from Dr. Who! Inoli Shiba did a shoot with them on the bridge (in the background), then went off to do some other things, which is when we did a few of these (what I like to call) “movie poster” shots!

Inoli returned later and there was more shooting to be done! Here she joins Star and Rhyiel Adriel as the Tenth Doctor.

Afterwards, we hung out in the cabana a bit and were just goofing around. Yep, I stole this angle from Star herself, who used it during her shoot of Tora-rin at PMX 2011! ^^;

This photo, one of a sequence where River takes her book back from the Doctor who then tries to reclaim it, just randomly happened. It was great fun (and rather difficult) to shoot! Everything happened so fast — they were really fighting for the book during a lot of this and I had to keep telling them to try to hold still! But for once, my focusing fail actually kind of works! xD;

It was great fun watching other folks who are waaay more advanced than I am work. Thanks again to Nos, kimihirokun, and Inoli for letting me watch, learn, and take shots of my own! ^_^

See more photos via the link below!

2012 01 07-08 Sat-Sun: Neon Genesis Evangelion / K-ON! / Dr. Who

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Neon Genesis Evangelion / K-ON! / Dr. Who Photoshoots

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