Anime Los Angeles 8, Days 2-3 [2012]

First con of 2012, held on the first full weekend of January, was Anime Los Angeles and it was awesome sauce! It’s a small con (less than 5000 attendees), but it’s mainly about hanging out with friends!

I totally missed the Disney Cosplay Gathering. -_-; Of course, I did show up like at 3pm, lol. I found my friends Nos and Radiio, who had never been to ALA before, and we eventually made it over to the pool deck, where most of the cosplay gatherings are held.

I did catch a little bit of the Mortal Kombat one, though! These guys must’ve been crazy cold! :O

There was a photog nearby running an Ariel (Red Velvet Cosplay) and Eric (veveisme) photoshoot and he graciously let me take some shots!

I have to admit that in all the cons I’ve been to, including D23 Expo, I don’t ever remember seeing an Eric nor this version of Ariel!

Mermaid ahoy! Not sure if this was from a particular series, but she was swimming around in the pool like it was a normal thing to do, lol.

I actually spent most of Saturday afternoon with Nos and Radiio, whom I met at AX11! We were just goofing around and I was randomly taking pictures; this one magically came in in-focus and everything. It represents all the fun times I got to have with friends at this con! ♥

… such as this epic duel between Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Vash the Stampede from Trigun! Of course, it never fails — when I get an idea and start shooting, somebody will always come in and nuke my shots. :/

Cheated this one by cropping a bit, but everything’s better in widescreen. 😉

Caught a little bit of the Homestuck Gathering. It was huge! I had no idea what Homestuck even was until I read an article about Homestuck fans throwing things at people. Dx

We hung around the little patch of grass in front of the hotel, where it seems like everyone was doing photoshoots! Of course, we did one, too. xD Post coming soon! (EDIT: Post here!)

Ran into my friend Aoi Mizuno, who was cosplaying Kuroneko from Oreimo! So bummed I didn’t get to see Sai Rei, though. In fact, I didn’t get to see her all con. :<

Snuck this shot of a Celty (Durarara!!) cosplayer while hanging out. I didn’t have a badge this time so I wound up being a creeper most of the con, fufufu.

Finally got to see Super Saki, who is cosplaying PMX’s mascot! Wish I’d been able to get a better shot of her Jolly Roger guitar pick earrings; they were awesome!

Gekisou/Extravaganza versions of Yuki Nagato and Haruhi Suzumiya! Too bad there was no Mikuru… or Kyon or Itsuki or Tsuruya. (Mmm… Tsuruya…)

Another Kim Possible at an anime con! Hasn’t the series been off the air for a while? This is the second Kim I’ve seen at the second con in a row (the first was at PMX 2011). Not that I’m complaining, I love Kim Possible! Glad to see her getting some cosplay love!

I don’t think you want to sit on that chair… your ass might belong to Kyubey afterwards! I love that ALA has all these cool benches kicking around for you to lounge about on. And even though I’ve been spoiled, I still want to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

For Sunday, I convinced my friend sanitynevermore to drive up and hang out. While we were upstairs, I interrupted the conversation to take this picture of Meltdown Rin, lol. You can’t blame me, this was an awesome rendition!

Later on, I managed to find Aoi, who was in the middle of a mass photoshoot with seven other photographers! :O I saw Psylocke, who’s one of my favorite X-Men, so I had to run over and take a picture before she left. Aoi was like, “Where are you going??” (d’awww ♥ ) But she was being pew-pewed by much better photogs than I, so I think it was okay. 😉 Photos from that shoot coming soon also! (EDIT: Photos here!)

As the day wound down and I was waiting for my friend Star Cat, I was hanging outside Con Suite when I decided to take some shots of the lovely sky. Yes, photos of Star Cat coming soon also! xD (EDIT: Photos here!)

Loots from a con I didn’t get a badge to?? lol.. I won the Cosplay in America book in an OCAG raffle during AX11 and was finally able to pick it up at ALA. It’s signed by Ejen, and I’ll have to work on getting my friends Aoi and Maridah to sign it too, since they’re in it! ♥ Also got the ribbon from OCAG and oddly enough got the AX09 lanyard from the ALA Info Booth when Ashi-chan and I went over there to ask about a panel, lol.

Spent some quality time with folks I hadn't seen in a while, finally put some names and faces together, and even got to participate in a few multi-photog photoshoots (still have so much to learn orz )!

Be sure to check out the complete set of photos via the link below!

2012 01 07-08 Sat-Sun: Anime Los Angeles, Days 2-3

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Anime Los Angeles 8, Days 2-3
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