Christmas Geekation [2011]

Today is Singles Awareness Day in the United States, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. But rather than remind you of how alone you are, I’m going to close out all the fun adventures I had in 2011 with a quick recap of my Christmas vacation and also a little tour of my room! ^_^

I went home for Christmas, as I usually do, and of course I am free to be thoroughly geeky there! I managed to take in a showing of Disney On Ice: Mickey & Minnie’s Amazing Journey. I used to go to Disney On Ice all the time as a kid. This time, my aunt had an extra ticket and invited me along. Of course, I took no stills during Ariel’s part b/c I was shooting video instead. xD

Some of my Christmas loots! The aunt who took me to Disney On Ice got me the Calvin and Hobbes × Back to the Future shirt and Snoopy plaque. It’s hard to tell if the aunt who gave me all the stuff in the top section is starting to run out of ideas or if she’s just mocking me now, since this is the second year in a row she got me mostly Ariel stuffs. In either case, I don’t really care b/c I love Ariel! ♥ My bad influence cousin got me Luka, and his sister got me the Donald shirt. The quote seemed pretty racy for a Disney item!

A run to Dunkin’ Donuts is always required if there’s one within a 50 mile radius! :9 I love Dunkin’s, especially Munchkins; too bad there aren’t any Dunkin’s on the west coast. :<

Welcome to my room! I’m not really a Goofy fan; this was actually the only poster I left behind when I moved, lol. I do love Snoopy, though! I need a quality figure of him.

Quick! Which Fab Five character and which Disney Princess do I love the most? xD;;

Here are a few of the things you’ll see on these shelves: There’s the dealer exclusive Walt Disney Classics Collection lead crystal promoting The Little Mermaid line of figures. Boxed up in the corner is an original Ariel artwork watch I got in Walt Disney World and a Scrooge McDuck watch I got for graduation. There’s also the very first Ariel doll by Tyco and Happy Meal toys from the original release! Scrooge was actually my favorite duck b/c I luffles DuckTales, so there are a few figures of him — yep, before I collected animu figurehs, I collected Disney ones! xD You can also see in the corner the Goofy that inspired/was inspired by the poster behind my door.

.. and I’m pretty sure those gumballs are no longer edible. xD;;

Cupboard full of treasures untold. Looky, Gunbuster and Witchblade trading cards along with LEGOs and Back to the Future Kids’ Meal toys!

More Ariels along with original and Powermaster Optimus Primes! I have a ridiculous number of TransFormers downstairs in our toy room and need to somehow bring them all back with me. xD;;

My first artbooks were Robotech ones, and I also took a class on Disney in school. Kids at heart may remember Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, while scholars will recognize the many many Cliffs and Monarch Notes. xD;;

Mirror, Mirror was one of my fave TOS episodes so I had to get The Next Generation‘s sequel. The Voyage Home was my favorite Star Trek film so that was another must-have tie-in. I also love the Back to the Future trilogy, but I never was able to track down the first film’s novelization. 😦

Moar Ariel-related stuffs!

I somehow wound up with two sets of those Disney Channel TLM mugs! You can also barely see the comic adaptation of TLM on top of the binders and boxes.

Gambit is one of my favorite X-Men, but I haven’t been able to find decent action figures of two of my other favorites — Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler. :/

I used to want to be a Disney animator. You can barely make out the Ariel I drew on my shelf due to dusty. orz

Collectors Edition VHS sets, binders full of trading cards, and assorted CDs and artbooks! Yup, that’s the original VHS release of TLM and several volumes of the manga series Gon in the corner!

I told you I went to Disney On Ice a lot when I was a kid! I went so often that I became a Knight of the Magic Kingdom! xD

This Donald plushie is huge! He’s also ridiculously heavy! @_@ I included the full door to my closet so you could get a sense of scale.

I have tons of Ariel dolls so you’d think I’d have a Dollfie by now, but thankfully they don’t make an Ariel DD (yet)! … or even an Eliza Doolittle one; I love Audrey Hepburn and My Fair Lady is one of my favorites! xD And yup, that’s an original Megatron sitting on top of The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘s Quasimodo!

So many ZOIDS and LEGOs that need assembled! Need to lug them back with me at some point too.

I was once a captain in Starfleet! My one and only ever cosplay, unless you count the time I put on a yellow raincoat and called myself Doc Brown. xD

Desk drawer of Ariel and other goodies. Used to be a huge Sandra Bullock fan.

Drawer of action figures, mostly Witchblade and Natalie Portman. Yep, I also used to be a Natty P. fan; as you may have gathered, I don’t really like Star Wars. :p

It’s okay, you can admit my sheets are cooler than yours! I also have TLM sheets but my mom didn’t use them this time, bwaha.

Concluding the room tour by going under the bed! No dust bunnies, just more LEGOs!

While my room isn’t nearly as stuffed-to-the-gills as Dancing Queen’s, I also only spend one week out of the year here nowadays. Most of my things are either boxed up or on the other side of the country. Still, I do believe I have a crapton more of the original redhead’s stuff than DQ does. 😉 I once wanted to collect all things Ariel, but of course with the merchandising machine known as Disney involved, I soon realized it was an unattainable goal. :/

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick look into my 2011 holidays! Next week, it’s on to 2012 adventures!


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  1. Vitamin D says:

    Hey, I just stopped by to visit your blog and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.

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