The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (Countdown Ver.) Photoshoot [2011]

My first ever photoshoot was with Aoi Mizuno and shyot when they cosplayed Ushio and Maora from The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (Shinshi Dōmei Kurosu) at Fanime.

I was bummed that Sai Rei had already headed home, and it wasn’t until PMX 2011 that I finally got to meet her. She was every bit as nice as I expected her to be, and equally patient!

I called this the Countdown Ver. since this marks my:

4th ever photoshoot,
3rd time shooting with Aoi Mizuno,
2nd time with shyot, and
1st time with Sai Rei, who cosplays Haine Otomiya!

Once again, these experienced pros picked the locations and came up with their poses and expressions. Luckily there were no ISO snafus like at Fanime, but the lighting was horrible so I still had to use Noiseware to de-noise the photos. On top of that, I had to liberally apply Photoshop’s cooling filters to un-orange everything. D: We had a great time shooting, though, and I hope you can see the fun we had.

I told them to just interact as if they were having an actual student council meeting and shyot amazed us with his impressive knowledge of trivia. Even more amazing was that Aoi managed to stay in character while the rest of us kept cracking up!

Maora: Did you know that dolphins —
Ushio: Just shut up and get me some cake.

D’awwwww. Aoi and Sai Rei are besties IRL so these types of moments always popped up. ^______^

Ushio smiled! Happens every once in a while. 😉

shyot came up with this idea to use the mirrored wall and they all did their own poses!

After the student council meeting, Maora needs to use the restroom. However…

Not realizing she’s a he, the girls try to get Maora to use the ladies’ room! What will happen next? Find out through the full set of photos in my Facebook album!

2011 11 12 Sat: The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (Countdown Ver.)

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The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (Countdown Ver.) Photoshoot
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