Pacific Media Expo 2011, Days 2-3

Pacific Media Expo 2011 was held the second weekend of November. Wow, what a difference a year makes!

Last year, PMX was in Pasadena, which was great b/c I could roll over there, park for free on the street, and find food within walking distance. This year, it was back at the Hilton LAX, which I wasn’t all that crazy about, but at least I was able to find some cheap-o parking next door since the Hilton had filled up and started doing Valet Only by the time I’d arrived. Dx

Last year I went with a buddy of mine and started really meeting folks. I met some awesome members of OCAG and the AX Forums, Aoi Mizuno and shyot, Dancing Queen, Hidekowin, Super Saki, and so so many others! This year, I actually got to spend some quality time with many of them! (In between stalking cosplays and meeting even more friends, of course!)

And finally, even though I was there a lot longer last year, I ended up taking far fewer photos. This year, I was there for less time and wound up with a crapton of pictures as well as a bunch of photoshoots! (Photoshoots here and here!)

The lighting was terrible, as is usual for this location, but I figured out how to use cooling filters in Photoshop so I abused the crap out of them. xD;;

I ran into my friend Ashi-chan (left) and she saved my con by hooking me up with a badge! ♥ She’s super-awesome and talented! Go Like her Facebook Page!

After I made my way into the Dealers Hall, I ran into my friend Star Cat! I'd met her the weekend before at Comikaze and we wound up doing a photoshoot with her as Holo from Spice and Wolf on Sunday here at PMX! Photos soon! (EDIT: They’re here!)

Welcome to the Dealers Hall! It’s obviously not going to be as big as AX’s, but since PMX focuses on more than just anime, you will find an interesting variety of loots here!

Some of the goodies you could buy in the Dealers Hall.

Everyone stalks cosplays, not just me! xD

ABCToy4Me had a pretty good-sized booth! My friend Dancing Queen got a good deal on the Lat-type Ver. Miku Hatsune figure here!

After finishing up at the Dealers Hall, I roamed around a bit and found this Ranka and Sheryl! I still need to watch all the Macrosses that aren't DYRL or Robotech. ^^;

Making my way downstairs, I saw this fellow from, I think, Assassin's Creed? There were a couple of these guys walking around being shadowy and mysterious… @_@

Ran into my friend Vensy in the lobby and followed her to a photoshoot, but we got shooed away from the room and then she ditched meh. ._.

Before the shooing and ditching, we found one of Vensy’s million friends! We were in the room where they were prepping the Swap Meet, which is why we were shooed. I love anime swap meets, and I wish more cons had them! To be honest, I’ve bought more things from swap meets than dealers halls the last few cons I’ve been to. xD;;

I made my way to Artists Alley since my friend Hidekowin had a booth there and that’s where I saw this awesome cosplay! No idea where it’s from, but that's one cool outfit!

Artists Alley! I saw a Chun-Li and Cammy here and I wanted to take a picture of my two favorite Street Fighter girls, but I didn't get to. :<

I only really started hanging out in Artists Alleys after I set up a deviantART account and realized a lot of my favorite artists could be found in them!

I’m not really into Vocaloids, but I’d have to say that Luka is my favorite. These two cosplayers were obviously good friends and it was fun chatting with them, if only briefly.

One of the coolest things about PMX is the fact that they have a Pocky and Ramune Tasting Room! You can buy tickets and then use those tickets to sample the many many many different varieties of Pocky and Ramune — many of which aren’t readily available here in the States! It’s a snack connoisseur’s dream!

In the Tasting Room they also had a silent charity auction going on. Many original and signed artverks from some of your favorite artists!

Here’s a photo of folks getting their photo taken. I apparently stalk other photographers, too! xD;

Small space, many shoots. The lobby is always alive with activity during PMX!

I managed to check out one panel, and of course it was my friend Ashi-chan's Chocolate Covered Cosplay panel! Video of the entire presentation on my YouTube Channel!

I met Ichigo Anyhoodle, who was honoring a couple of different series with her creative cosplay! There's a fez from Dr. Who and a red shirt from Star Trek. Do you see any others?

What’s the sitch? Was Shego trying to take over PMX? So not the drama — Kim Possible to the rescue!

Last year, I met so many wonderful and awesome and talented people, and they in turn have introduced me to others. Over the course of the past year I’ve gotten to know all of them better and I’m so very happy and proud to call each of them a friend. What a difference a year makes, indeed. ♥

Be sure to check out the complete set of photos via the link below; for video, be sure to visit my YouTube Channel!

2011 11 12-13 Sat-Sun: Pacific Media Expo 2011, Days 2-3

Full Coverage of Pacific Media Expo 2011:

Pacific Media Expo 2011, Days 2-3
The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (Countdown Ver.) Photoshoot
Saeko Busujima (HOTD) × Holo (Spice and Wolf) Photoshoot(s)


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