Round 1 Bowling & Amusement [Nov 2011]

Puente Hills Mall is also well-known as the Back to the Future mall, since it doubles as the Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall where Marty begins and ends his time-traveling adventure in the first film of the trilogy.

My friends invited me to join them at Round 1, an arcade and bowling alley, for some bowling and general hanging out. Not having bowled in over a decade, I decided to tag along, if only for the company. Here is the outdoor entrance (there’s also an entrance inside the mall, but it closes when the mall closes).

Here are some signs that greet you as you enter. I… kept misreading this as “[Hello] Kitty Strapon”. xD;; These are phone straps — not health aids — that you get when you sign up for membership and whatnot.

They also do karaoke here! Not sure how the rates compare to other spots. I’ve actually never done karaoke before, and we didn’t do it this night, either.

There were a crapton of UFO catchers! Soooo many Hello Kitties here!

Hnnnng. Purikura machines. I had no idea this was a Japanese chain until I saw these. Yes, even the Hello Kitties everywhere failed to alert me to the fact. xD; I did not realize the Japanese like to bowl. ^^

Many different types of games here. So many games I’ve never seen before! But then again, I don’t frequent arcades much and I’m not really a gamer.

You can catch ice cream. Wut? There are also machines where you can win candy! No wonder we have an obesity problem! D:

This type of basketball game is a classic mainstay in any arcade. If you are good with the hoops, you can win many tickets which you can then turn in for cheap baubles that will break in half when you look at them.

Here’s where you rent a bowling lane and shoes. Remember to drop off your shoes when you are done with them so they can Lysol them up for the next group of folks.

You can whip darts at the dartboards here. Not at your friends, because they won’t give you prize tickets for that, even if you win.

You can also watch the Big Game on the Big Screen. Or Big News Stories. D: All while enjoying a brew from the snack bar!

Here are some of the loots you can trade your game-winning tickets for. You will need to feed the games quite often for some of these prizes. Some of them require tens of thousands of tickets! :O

Despite appearances to the contrary, these are not basketballs. If you try to dunk these, you will hurt yourself! There are many different colors, each indicating a different weight. As the night wore on, we found ourselves using lighter and lighter balls. xD;

These lovely static images at the ends of the lanes are all that you see until about 10pm…

… then they become screens for music videos! Back in the day, we used to call this type of thing “Rock ‘n Bowl”, except we only had the audio portion and would have to act out the video part.

The cheap price of displays now make everything, including these score-keeping screens, so high-tech! I think the last time I bowled, we had to keep score with pencil and paper. ^^; Of course, pencil and paper won’t mercilessly mock you when you muck up your toss. Your friends will, though.

Of course, I lost the game and I was pretty sore the next day, but it was quite fun to check out a new place and to hang out with friends! Hopefully, I’ll get to go again soon!

See more pictures on my Facebook!

2011 11 09 Wed: Round 1


2 Responses to Round 1 Bowling & Amusement [Nov 2011]

  1. asteriskcgy says:

    Dude you live near here? We should totally meet up. I need folks to go bowling with.

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