Black Friday Sales On Now! [2011]

Since I’m still up anyway, here is a special post for those of you who are waiting in line for (or just getting home from) your B&M Black Friday conquests! (If you have no idea what Black Friday is, click here for a quick primer.)

Local shop has apparently been running a Thanksgiving Sale since the 22nd. No word on when it’ll end, so get your orders in quick!

Toys Logic gives a weak 15% off all in-stock items through the end of the month. :/ Last year they did “Buy One, Get One Half Off”, so you can understand my disappointment!

Japanese e-tailer HobbyLink Japan is offering flat rate SAL and EMS shipping on all in-stock items now until 2pm JST on 26 November. Order all those ridiculously heavy art books you’ve been wanting!

I’ve bought from all these places before and they only sell official, legit items! Will there be more bargains this Thanksgiving Weekend and on Cyber Monday? Be sure to check back here for the latest info! And with that, it’s time to hit the hay!


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