Frank & Son Collectible Show [Oct 2011]

Frank & Son Collectible Show is a local event held twice-weekly (more often during the holidays for your gift-shopping convenience). It’s an interesting mash-up of swap meet and convention, with no real limits to the various types of geek it serves! I’ve never really taken any pictures over there, but on a recent trip I happened to have my camera on me, so I figured, why not?

Here are some of the many tempting and spendy toys that can found at Frank’s, but be careful! There are some unscrupulous vendors here that sell bootlegs. :<

There are many purveyors of Disney merchandise, from more recent items to older ones. Pins, dolls, videos, figures, and other assorted Disney trinkets ranging from the inexpensive to the ridiculously over-priced can be found here!

You can also find plenty of yesterday’s hot items. These heavily discounted Beanie Babies kind of make me sad. :<

I never thought this game would be so popular so many years after it was released. I’ve never played it, nor have I ever watched the anime. ^^;

Occasionally there will be celebrities who show up for signings and photo-ops. Here is artist Brian Buccellato; earlier this year Stan Lee was there to promote a new project. Others who show up regularly tend to be athletes, sports entertainers (wrestlers :p ), and models-turned-actresses.

There are many Gundam kits at the Treasure Island Sports (tisinc99) booth!

So many vendors sell LEGOs, from old to recent, pre-loved or NISB. I’d totally buy them all if I could. @_@ Build your LEGO army at Frank’s!

Of course, no “collectible show” is complete without Star Wars merchandise. Plenty of Star Trek stuff too! 😉

First there was just MP-1 Convoy (Japan’s name for Autobot Leader Optimus Prime), then MP-4 Convoy with Trailer, now MP-10 Convoy. Really? If it’s a Masterpiece, y yu keep improving?? LOL. There is a crapton of Transformers — the real, original, G1-type stuff — here. In fact, there are a couple of vendors devoted solely to them! I would’ve wet myself if I’d seen this place as a kid!

Admission to Frank & Son Collectible Show is free, but parking is usually pretty terrible unless you get there early enough… which I never do. ^^; If you’re into any type of geekery (and if you’re reading this blog, chances are you are!), definitely give Frank’s a look-see if you’re in the area!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ^_^


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