Blossoms in the Fall / Natsuki Kuga Photoshoot [2011]

Little Tokyo usually runs its Cherry Blossom Festival in April, but due to lack of funding this year they pushed it back to September and charged $1 admission.

Instead of it being in the streets of Little Tokyo, it was relegated to the parking lot of the Little Tokyo Metro Station. As you can see, though, there was still plenty of space for food and boba trucks!

There was a cosplay contest that day, but I didn’t arrive in time to catch it. :< However, I did run into my friends Aoi Mizuno and shyot! They were on their way out and I was on my way to meet sanitynevermore, so I didn’t get to hang out with them for very long. :<

I did get to check out a little bit of the festival while texting sanitynevermore. Here are some cool trinkets and such for sale. I’ve always liked these puzzle boxes, even though they’re not particularly functional.

sanitynevermore suggested we meet up where the music stage was, but there were several musical acts going on at the same time. These guys weren’t bad!

After we met up, I took sanitynevermore to the Miyako Hotel so she could change into her cosplay of Natsuki Kuga from Mai-HiME / My-Hime. I found the paneling on the wall to be interesting, so we took a few shots in front of it before spending the rest of the shoot over by the Japanese American National Museum.

This is one of her first cosplays and I think she did an awesome job bringing one of my favorite Mai-HiME characters to life!

Since we’re both n00bs, the shoot took a while b/c we were trying to figure out what to do. ^^;

They were a little challenging to get, but I do like the overhead shots we took!

Nearby were these interesting windows. There were people working in there, though — not sure if they were wondering what we were doing. ^^;

After the photoshoot, we wandered through Japanese Village Plaza. I honestly can’t remember if these lanterns are up all the time, but they do seem festive. Of course, this is nowhere near where the festival was. ^^;

It was great fun spending time with one of my new friends from Anime Expo 2011, and you can check out more pictures from the festival and photoshoot through the links below!

2011 09 25 Sun: Blossoms in the Fall
2011 09 25 Sun: Natsuki Kuga Photoshoot


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