Haruhi Suzumiya Photoshoot [2011]

During the first weekend of Nisei Week, I got to do my second photoshoot!

Once again, it was with my lovely friend Aoi Mizuno! She was cosplaying as Haruhi Suzumiya (from, of course, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya / Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuuutsu) because it was a cool and comfortable costume for the hot summer day.

After dindins and the Grand Parade, I was trying to come up with ideas for a photoshoot when I realized the street was still closed and most people had already left.

Hmm, what if the unconsciously all-powerful Haruhi had done something to bring about the apocalypse? ^^;

Since it was after sundown, I had to once again de-noise my photos. Dx

I also still have lots to learn about lighting and such, since I relied on ambient light and a lot of the shots therefore came out red (from the traffic lights) or green (from…?).

Since I don’t know anything about color-balancing or whatever, I had to toss out a lot of photos. -_-; Maybe one day when I figure that stuff out, I’ll revisit them.

I don’t know why some of these look like they were taken in front of a bluescreen, lol. We really are in the middle of the street!

After we finished up with standing poses, I thought it would be funny if Haruhi decided to just start reading in the middle of the street like it was nothing special. xD

I like this one a lot since it’s wide enough that you can see we’re really in the middle of the intersection (as opposed to just really close to the street on a curb or something) while it’s close enough to see Aoi clearly. Some of the other shots are too wide and she’s too far away. :/

I really like her expressions when she’s reading. xD

While I did come up with the concepts of being in the middle of the street and also reading there, Aoi came up with all of the poses and expressions just like last time! So happy to be able to work with someone who knows what she’s doing, but I really should learn how to direct. ^^;

Check out the full set of photos here!

Full Coverage of Nisei Week Japanese Festival 2011:

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Haruhi Suzumiya Photoshoot


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  1. […] After the parade, I did a photoshoot with the lovely Aoi Mizuno. It’ll be the subject of my next blog post, so be sure to come back and check it out! (EDIT: Here it is!) […]

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