Disney × Star Wars [2011]

Haven’t done a figure-related post in quite some time! Seeing as how this is supposed to be a figure blog, I guess I should say a little something about some figures I saw while I was at Disneyland Resort this past summer.

I typically put up a post here and then make mention of it on Danny Choo’s figure.fm site. Usually it’s a short blurb with a few photos and a link to the blog post. Well, this Donald Duck as Stormtrooper pictured above resulted in a comment requesting that I put up more photos from this series of figures.

Of course, the main point of my post was to talk about The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, but it seems that people over there are more interested in that long, boring movie about a whiny boy who makes out with his sister. 😉 I guess that’s to be expected from fans of the Tokyo Stormtrooper.

However, I do like Disney stuffs for the most part, and I did take a few photos of the other figures in the series, so here they are. Sorry that they are a bit unpolished. ^^; Above is a display of all the figures with a parody poster for Star Wars: The Return of the Mouse as a backdrop.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue opened this summer at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA,’s Disneyland Resort, so of course there was a fair bit of merchandising released (far more than what was available for Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, *grumble grumble*). Each commemorative Star Wars sculpture in this series of five is limited to 1977, which is the year the first Star Wars movie came out in theaters. They each retail for $100 and include a limited edition pin. Here’s Mickey Mouse as Luke Skywalker.

They range in height from 9 inches for Minnie Mouse as Princess Leia to 17 inches for Goofy as Darth Vader. Donald is my fave of the Fab Five, so it’s good to see him with two figures. ^_^b

They’re all quite lovely, made with the traditional Disney quality and attention to detail. I only wish Donald came with a lightsaber; I would’ve snapped one up straightaway!

They could’ve picked a more dynamic pose for Donald’s version of Darth Maul, though. And Goofy as Darth Vader (wearing Mickey Mouse boxers, to boot!) suddenly makes the Dark Side less scary!

Here are some of the other Star Wars and Star Tours-branded merchandise available at Mickey’s Star Traders, which is right by the ride exit at Disneyland Park. You can see the classic characters all cartoonified as they appear in Clone Wars in the foreground and some of The Muppets cosplaying as Star Wars characters in the background. I can’t remember, but it’d be awesome if that Kermit the Frog were Yoda. xD

Here’s Donald Duck as Han Solo along with Donald Duck as Han Solo in Carbonite! What would be really cool would be if they just stuck with a 1:1 character relationship and brought in other characters from the Disney stable. Imagine smooth-talker Lumière as Lando Calrissian or one of the Fantasia ostriches as a tauntaun!

They also have Goofy as Darth Vader (with pants!). Stitch as Emperor Palpatine is awesome. There’s another two-pack that includes Stitch as Yoda, which means if you want to recreate the fight scene from Episode III, you can have Stitch fighting Stitch! xD Also interesting to see that this package is branded as Star Wars while Donald as Han is branded as Star Tours. According to the shield on the packages, it seems that they’re both Theme Park Exclusives, so I’m not sure why they’re different. :3a

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post! Please do visit Ariel in my previous post here, because realizing that I devoted a single post to Star Tours while I combined Ariel’s Undersea Adventure with all of Disneyland Resort makes me sad. :<


2 Responses to Disney × Star Wars [2011]

  1. LoL same as you, I’d love to see Stitch Yoda vs Stitch Palpatine XD I should’ve asked my brother for a DonaldxStar Wars figure… I didn’t know they existed D: The carbonite one is awesome! (Big Donald Duck fan)

    • agcpictures says:

      Ohay! Hope you enjoyed the post. ^^ Sorry about the quality of the later photos; I didn’t even use my DSLR on them, just my point and clicky b/c I just thought the toys were kind of funny and interesting. I’m a huge Donald (and DuckTales, a woohoo!) fan, which is why there are more pics of him. xD Maybe whenever I’m over there again, I’ll try to get better shots!

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