Anime Expo 2011

Back for another year at AX11! ^_^b So happy to actually have people to hang out with this year that I like to call this year’s con FriendCon. xD Of course, this also meant missing out on pretty much all the cosplay gatherings and panels I wanted to check out, but it was worth it!

Was thinking about checking out AM² but then I heard some of my dearest con friends were only going to AX on Friday so I had to skip it. Since we were spending time catching up, I didn’t really get to stalk as many cosplays as I would’ve liked.

I did run into Danny Choo, who graciously pretended to remember me from AX10 and his websites and then posed for photos. We exchanged business cards and he invited me to his panel later that evening.

Since I was having dinner with my friends, I only managed to catch the tail end of it. But I did get some pictures of him and my friend Maridah, who was the official Mirai Suenaga cosplayer for AX!

Had to get up early on Day 2 because my friends Maridah and CosplayKitten were doing their Fate/stay night (or was it Fate/hollow ataraxia?) group at noon. e.e

Of course, when I got there the South Hall was being evacuated due to a suspicious package. Dx Despite the confusion and a hasty rescheduling, I was finally able to see the fabled “Real Saber” as well as my favorite Fate/stay character, Rider, before I had to run off for a lunch meetup.

After meeting some great new friends at lunch, it was back to the exhibit hall to meet up with more new friends from MyFigureCollection (aka tsuki-board). Always fun to geek out with fellow figure collectors in the dealer’s hall!

My phone died during the day and I despaired that FriendCon would come to a grinding halt, but luckily I ran into a couple of friends I already knew! So happy to hang with friends into the wee hours!

Day 3 actually wound up being the shortest day — even shorter than Day 4 — b/c I got such a late start (got there a little before 4 orz ) and had to cut out for a few hours.

I decided that since I hadn’t spent much time in Artists’ Alley I would check it out and also visit some friends who had booths there. It was cool to finally meet some of the many talented people I’ve gotten to know on Facebook, Twitter, and deviantART! ♥

Afterwards, it was lion-hunting time as I’d received word that Maridah had donned her Saber Lion cosplay! I’d missed it at Fanime so I was thrilled to have a second chance to see it!

I also managed to spend a little bit of time with one of my friends before her appearance at the Last Comic Standing finals. You can see some of the performances on my YouTube Channel.

Day 4 is generally a short day since the hall closes early and there’s really only the Charity Auction and Closing Ceremonies afterward, but it was so filled with awesome this year!

Despite showing up like an hour before the dealer’s hall closed, I managed to take one last little look-see and wound up running into the lovely Traci Hines and some other awesome cosplay/ers!

Then while I was puttering about after the hall closed, wallowing in the beginnings of post-con depression, Aoi Mizuno and shyot found me in the lobby. I was bummed that I hadn’t seen them all con (they’d split their time between AX and AM²), so yay!

While I was catching up with them, I happened to spy the one and only Vensy cosplaying Touhou Project‘s Suika Ibuki nearby. After many years of knowing her on-line, I finally got to meet her in person!

And then… I saw a naginata. Was it? Could it be? I ran over and I finally got to see my two favorite characters from one of my favorite series, Mai-HiME (aka My-HiME)! It’s not a hugely popular series, so it was a rare treat. Leonore13 as Shizuru Fujino and sanitynevermore as Natsuki Kuga pulled off the cosplays quite well (especially for being relatively new to the hobby). I’m delighted to report that they’re not nearly as tsundere/yandere as the characters they dressed as. 😉 I’m so happy to count them among the new friends I made at AX11!

Afterwards, I took in the incredibly delayed Closing Ceremonies before heading off to a small post-AX party. It’s always a little sad when a con ends, especially one as awesome as this one was.

Thanks again to all my friends, new and old, for making this the best AX ever! ♥ I didn’t get to see everyone, and I certainly didn’t get to spend enough time with all of you, so let’s get it right next time and make AX12 even better! ^_^

Check out the complete sets of photos via the links below; for video, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel!

2011 07 01 Fri: Anime Expo 2011, Day 1
2011 07 02 Sat: Anime Expo 2011, Day 2
2011 07 03 Sun: Anime Expo 2011, Day 3
2011 07 04 Mon: Anime Expo 2011, Day 4


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