The Great Purge of 2011 [Feb]

Last year was kind of an insane year for figure buying. I finally went through my calculations and it appears that I spent more in 2010 than I did all the previous years I’ve been collecting figures combined! :O Of course, I only bought my first anime figure in 2006, but that is still an insane amount of spending!

Part of the problem is I moved out of my studio apartment; it was literally stuffed to the gills with boxes, and that served as a powerful dissuasive force.

However, my aunt decided to move. And since she didn’t want to sell her place, I moved in.

I immediately started to fill it.

This was from the first month after I moved in. ONE MONTH. And it wasn’t even a full month, at that. :/

Another part of the problem was that I started buying figures on-line. I didn’t use to do that because I like to check out the paintjob on my figures first. Nothing more annoying than getting a figure that’s been poorly painted.

Of course, since I don’t pre-order, things get hard to find. And so, I stepped up my eBay buying. But not only that, I started buying from retailers in Japan. Yep — Mandarake, Amiami, and HobbyLink Japan all have sizable chunks of my retirement fund now. :/

And then, towards the end of the year, I suffered a dual-pronged attack: I finally caved and bought my first Gathering figures from… and I also figured out how to navigate the Dark Mother of Temptation itself — Yahoo!Auctions Japan.

Most of my collection growth has been due to buying entire lots just to obtain one or two figures, so I have no real attachment to many of the items in my collection. And since I only recently moved into a location where I could actually display my babies, most of them are still sealed for freshness.

Now, I am running out of room. Also, I’m in need of a new camera as we rapidly approach con season. So, starting in the next few weeks, I’ll be clearing out a sizable part of my collection. This is how I see things progressing:

1. Because I’m a pageview whore, I’ll post sales here and announce them on my Twitter feed, so Followers on Twitter and Subscribers to this here blog will get first crack at the items I put up. (Maybe Live Journal subscribers also; I need to figure out what to do with that thing, LOL.) This blog will also carry the most complete listings and include Disney, movie, comic book, and other pop culture merchandise, since the remaining sites (below) are more for anime-related items.

2. The following day, I’ll put a sales post in the User Sales thread at My Figure Collection. That way, Friends and others on MFC can have a chance at them. I may also list a few items on the Anime Hunting Ground page on Facebook, so be sure to Like it.

3. Finally, I’ll post to’s Classifieds section. And maybe eBay. But probably not eBay. Because they kind of suck.

Be sure to keep an eye out! ^_^b

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